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I am a Clinical Neurophysiologist and Manager of a Sleep Center at a local Hospital. I am the mom of 3 children, two adults and one 10 yr old.. oh and I am also a grandmom of an 11 month old little boy :)

I have been doing Zumba a number of years now, I have lost count of the actual time it goes by so very fast. It began with just my daughter and our group has grown with other friends and work associates joining us and loving it as we do. Zumba is the one and ONLY excersize that I have actually stuck with and look forward to. I would do more if my personal life did not invade my Zumba time!

I have met others who take Zumba classes but their instructors just don't have the energy or the enthusiasm for the class that Gorica has. It is very obvious that she loves what she is doing and it is contagious,

we all feel it! I feel that coming to Zumba not only is good for my heart anatomically but also my heart is more open to meeting prospective friends and making new relationships with others much like me. We are all here to have fun and either loose weight, get fit, be happy, and just dance!! Berniece Crawford

Ryana Dykes: Every time me and Janelle come to your class, we walk away saying "WE LOVE ZUMBA!!!"

Ashley Raymond: I have a son who is very active in sports and other activities so I am always running him around to games or practices so Zumba is MY time for myself. I have been attending classes with Gorica since June 2009.

During the week I attend classes with friends from work, it’s a great chance to see friends outside of work and enjoy a motivating, fun workout. Saturdays I attend with a friend and we LOVE getting away from the house for a few hours and dancing together and enjoying a great workout.

The “Zumba Parties/Zumba Marathons” are my favorite! They are longer classes that are offered once a month and are full of dancing and fun.

Gorica is an awesome teacher who always has a big smile on her face and truly enjoys all the dances and makes everyone who attends the class feel comfortable, motivated, and energized.

I would encourage anyone to join us for Zumba. Ashley Arey

Isolda Cowan: I enjoy your classes very much!!! Exercise is not so boring any more!!!

Michelle Morency:I just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you for being you. Your classes have been inspirational and lots of fun!!! You are always so positive and always smiling. My friends and I look forward each Zumba class.

Diane Bantis: I've been doing Zumba with Gorica since March of 2009 and LOVE it! She is a great teacher, not only does she talk the talk, but also walk the walk, and has been so insipiring to so many. I think her sincerity in one of her greatest assets.

Tiffany Crawford: I started taking Zumba with Gorica sometime in the summer of 2009. I work about 42+ hours a week and still somehow find time to make as many Zumba classes as possible.

I heard the girls talk about it at work and they loved it. I walked into my first class thinking "I'll give this a try" and I've been hooked since my first class with Gorica. I've never stuck with any workout I started, but with Zumba its more like a party. Your having FUN first, and listening to good music and before you know it you've burned about 500 calories.

What I love about our classes is there are many shapes and sizes that attend. You don't have to know how to dance because Gorica encourages to do your own thing but make sure your moving. I haven't gotten over the shock of having to look at myself in a full length mirror yet but it really helps to motivate me to work harder to lose the weight that I want.

I like the fact that Gorica keeps routines so that the more you go the more you will pick up on the routine so if you don't get it that class you will catch on soon. She doesn't judge you and makes sure others don't either. She feels like a friend who happens to teach Zumba. She was even keeping us moving while she was getting married. She made sure to leave us online classes to keep us moving while she was away.

So far I've lost 18 pounds and haven't done any other workout besides Zumba. I've brought my mom, aunt, and my friends and all love it!

So get up and dance !!! Tiffany Crawford

Tamara Crotea: I'm really enjoying your Zumba's a lot of fun and you do a great job!!!

Carolee Sanford: I live in Manchester with my husband, Brien and my toddler son, Tyler. We have a chocolate lab named Brady. We love to spend our summers on our boat, named Last Call, down in Martha's Vineyard. I work at the Elliot Hospital as a Medical-Surgical nurse, specializing in Orthopedics and Women's Health.

I have been doing Zumba with Gorica for almost a year now. My good friend Sarah, from high school, introduced me to it and had been begging me to go with her. Finally, I gave in, went and loved it! I also have a coworker, Ryana, who attends with her daughter. For me, Zumba is a whole new lifestyle! A few years ago, my dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. His prognosis was not good and he is still fighting. It has been very difficult to deal with and I have found Zumba to really help me get through these hard times. When I am doing Zumba, I am very focused on enjoying it and letting everything else go. I feel great, I feel sexy, I feel strong, I feel competent and most of all I leave feeling stressed free and ready to deal with what the week brings!

Gorica is a beautiful, caring and compassionate person. Not only is she my Zumba Instructor but she ia also my friend. We have become close and spend time outside of Zumba enjoying eachother's company. Our husbands get along great too! Gorica is so motivational and really helps me to develop a healthy attitude towards exercise and having fun.She makes Zumba fun which makes you forget you are actually working out! Zumba has helped me enjoy being active, makes me feel sexy, gives me the opportunity to dance, which I love to do, it has helped me deal with stress in a more productive manner, allows me to build new friendships and improve the ones I already have, and it has also helped with back discomfort that I get from stress and doing my job. Carolee Sanford

Mindy Allen: Just wanted to thank you for yesterday's Thanksgiving Zumba Party. I had so much fun! At first I was thinking, 3 hours Zumba?!?! Can I do that?!? But there was a lot of good energy and you did an awesome job as usual.

Deb Dellacava: I am a mom, a wife and a business owner. Oh, yeah, I recently also returned to school for my second degree! I'm just a little bit busy! I was always very active in various forms of dance until my children got into school. Time went by and, when I recently turned 50, I realized that I seriously needed to get back in shape. I tried many different kinds of exercise routines but nothing held my interest for very long. I had heard of Zumba from a friend of my son whose step-mother was nearly obsessed with the classes she took. Eventually I decided that nothing was working and began trying to think of the kinds of things that I had enjoyed as a younger person and the things that had kept me in shape. DANCE! So I decided it was time to find a Zumba class and try it out. I found Gorica's classes very close to my home and I am hooked!! I look forward to class all week long!!

I started doing Zumba right after my 50th birthday in December 2009. It hasn't been very long but I am totally and completely enthralled with the classes! The moves are fun and everyone has fun doing them. I like that there is not a lot of jumping like there is in so many other cardio type classes. I get shin splints very easily but I have not had any difficulties with this problem at all from doing Zumba!!! That doesn't mean we don't work hard, though!!! I walk out after every class completely drenched in sweat! I currently do Zumba by myself but I have a friend who has come to one of Gorica's Zumba marathons and she is interested in starting regular classes as soon as she finds a new job!! I LOVE the Zumba marathon!!! What a great feeling!!!

Gorica clearly loves what she does and her enthusiasm is readily transferred to her students!!! She is genuinely interested in her students and makes sure everyone is comfortable and understanding the moves. I feel very welcome at class and I have never ever felt judged (and that is not something I can say about many of the dance classes I have taken). There is no competition between the students -- it's just all about the joy of movement and Gorica gets that across to her students very well!

Zumba has put me back in contact with my body. I love feeling my muscles work as I move throughout my day!! It hasn't been long enough that I can honestly say I feel a difference in my clothes or see a difference in the scale yet, but I do know that I feel SO MUCH BETTER about my body and that has given me a huge confidence boost and makes me want to continue. Like I said earlier, I look forward all week to

these classes!!

I can't think of one thing that I would change!! I feel like I have found my new home!!! I look forward to being a part of Zumba for a long time!! I would encourage anyone who likes to dance or just move their body to try Zumba! It's fun and it really doesn't matter if you do it "right" because any movement is better than no movement!! 

The whole goal is to just have fun and feel good!!! Deb Dellacava

Linda: I’m a 46 year old high school Spanish teacher. I attended my first Zumba class in August, 2009. I didn’t know much about it. I was apprehensive because I was going alone and didn’t know what to expect. It only took me one class and I was hooked! I told my sister how great Zumba was, and now we attend class together. Having the class to look forward to each week has been a terrific impetus for my sister and me to get together on a regular basis. There’s always a wide variety of upbeat Latin rhythms, lyrics and moves that make it easy to get moving. But we can move at our own pace- there’s no pressure to go “high impact.” And we’re all so busy watching the instructor and enjoying ourselves that no one has to worry about being watched or judged by others. Though there’s not a lot of time for socializing, all the dancers seem really nice. Sometimes we even get silly. Good-bye negativity!

Gorica is always smiling when she’s dancing! Her positive energy spreads to the entire class. After class she always asks us how we’re feeling and she’s happy to answer our questions. Gorica continues to encourage us even outside of class by sending us emails such as class reminders, invitations to Zumba parties, recipes, menus, photos, or notes to say hello. She is a genuinely nice person and seems to truly care about her students.

While Zumba is a fun, easy, and affordable way to get my body moving, I think it does more for me by lifting my spirits. After spending long hours taking care of my family, my home, and my students, I depend on my one hour of Zumba each week to rejuvenate my soul. I might be tired, irritable, or depressed when I arrive, but I don’t leave that way! And I know I deserve an hour each week to take care of myself. Taking better care of myself will make me better equipped mentally and physically to do my job and to take care of my family. Linda & Janet

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