Happy September 2016

Ultimate Sports Academy 
201 Allard Dr in Manchester
(same building as Ray the Mover's building, it's the door marked "ultimate sports academy" on the back of the building - near by CMC parking garage and Alpha Bits Day Care).

The place is relatively big so registration is not needed and we have free parking.  Please carry in clean shoes to protect the floor. 

Monday 5:30 pm 

Tuesday 5:30 pm (smaller group)

Wednesday 7:00 pm 

Thursday 5:30 pm (smaller group)

Saturday 9:30 am (smaller group during the summer)

 Drop in $8 ($10 for 75 or 90 minutes classes)

 Please contact me for more information:


 I'd like to invite you to share an hour of your life with me, and come to a very special place. A place, where for an hour a day, we go to do something more than exercise. We go to sweat, dance, have fun and be silly (and sexy!). A place where we don't compete and we don't judge. For one hour we're all equal, we're all beautiful and we're all strong. 
Please... explore the pages of my website, and be prepared to be swept away by the most fascinating, most fun-filled, "feel happy" exercise that you've ever experienced. What is ZUMBA®?  In one word... it's a PARTY!  And I'm proud to be your host!  I'm proud of all of you... because those of you who have already joined me, know this...So...What are you waiting for? Join the best party around since 2008!


If you are shopping for shoes most salespeople will be able to help you find the shoe by giving them this basic description: dance sneakers that are smooth on the bottom so you could slide and pivot easily on the dance floor are the best option for this class. Please avoid shoes that have deep treads on the bottom. 

*ZUMBA® and the Zumba Fitness logo are trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC, used under license.  

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