SPRING 2016 here we come!!!

Outdoor Zumba Sat April 30th 9:30 am
"Arms Park - behind Cotton Restaurant on Commercial St in Manchester"
Drop in $10 or punch/free pass + $2

We are moving our classes to the "Ultimate Sports Academy" 201 Allard Dr in Manchester in the beginning of May (target date May 9th) and in the meantime 4 additional classes are scheduled at the temporary place - limited space available so please register today!! gorica@zumbawithgorica.com

Monday (May 2nd) 5:30 pm
Wednesday (May 4th) 5:30 pm 
Wednesday (May 4th) 7:00 pm
Saturday (May 7th) 9:30 am (if the weather is nice we will do it at the Arms Park, behind the Cotton Restaurant in Manchester) 
Same price and you may use your punch cards/free passes. 
Location: Z10 Gybson's Gym on 168 Amory St (side alley), Manchester (right behind Domino's and by the St Marie Church).
Free side street parking - please don't park at Domino's 

 Drop in $8 ($10 for 75 or 90 minutes classes)

 Please contact me for more information:

Welcome to my website and my party!

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 I'd like to invite you to share an hour of your life with me, and come to a very special place. A place, where for an hour a day, we go to do something more than exercise. We go to sweat, dance, have fun and be silly (and sexy!). A place where we don't compete and we don't judge. For one hour we're all equal, we're all beautiful and we're all strong. 

Please... explore the pages of my website, and be prepared to be swept away by the most fascinating, most fun-filled, "feel happy" exercise that you've ever experienced. What is ZUMBA®?  In one word... it's a PARTY!  And I'm proud to be your host!  I'm proud of all of you... because those of you who have already joined me, know this...So...What are you waiting for? Join the best party around since 2008!
 See you on the dance floor!!!

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National Dance Day 2012 "Zumba with Gorica"
National Dance Day 2012 "Zumba with Gorica" - created at http://animoto.com
(not accepted for fundraisers)
Punch Card


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Zumba Manchester NH "Zumba with Gorica" - www.zumbawithgorica.com
Drop in $8 Punch Cards available at $6/classTuesday 5:30PMWednesday 7:00PMThursday 5:30PMFriday 5:30PMSaturday 11AMhttp://www.zumbawithgorica.com

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12 Healthy Benefits Of Zumba
  • Huge Calories Burn:Students burn 500 - 1000 calories/class.
  • Total Body Toning: You engage a ton of muscles so you tighten and tone your body from head to toe.
  • Keeps you motivated: Workouts that feel like work are hard to get excited about. But Zumba is so enjoyable you actually want to keep coming back. "It completely changes the idea of exercise because it's something you really look forward to," something I hear from students all the time.
  • Amazing Results:Number of students have lost 50 -100 pounds while having fun. A lot of these people wouldn't be exercising if it weren't for Zumba.
  • It Works For All Ages: How often do you see a room full of people from 20 to 70 dancing, smiling & having fun together for an hour. I see it every day!
  • Great Stress Release: "I call it free therapy!" Some students come to class to get their mind off some of their worries or simply after a bad day at work so they never bring the negative energy at home.
  • Can Be Adapted For Any Fitness Level: Whether you are just starting out with an exercise program or you're an old pro, you can still make Zumba be an effective and challenging workout. Some of the students have been doing Zumba with me for over 6 years now and they can still push themselves so much. It doesn't get old!
  • It Goes By Fast: Class-goers swear you won't even notice an hour has gone by. How many weigh lifters can say that?
  • It's Social: Regularly attending Zumba classes is a great way to meet people. "You see them every week and it starts to fell like you're just going out dancing with your friends" hear students saying all the time.
  • Gives You More Awareness Of Your Body: I swear you'll be sore in places you didn't know existed.
  • It Makes People Happy: The same study that proved the whopping calorie burn also proved that Zumba puts participants into an endorphin-release zone. "It really does improve your mood! The music is so infectious and it's just so much fun," students say all the time.
  • It Makes You Feel Alive, Sexy & Confident!!!

Shoes...fitness dance shoes are the best option for this class. A shoe with little or no tread on the bottom to help you pivot easily on the floor is perfect for Zumba (it will also protect your knees by not putting any pressure which usually causes knee pain).  I also suggest that you take out the insole that comes with the shoe (they are usually very thin) and replace them with an athletic insole (for arch support & shock absorption) to protect your feet.
If you are shopping for shoes most salespeople will be able to help you find the shoe by giving them this basic description. You can also search online for  "Zumba Shoes". 

Popular shoes: http://www.amazon.com/Ryka-Womens-Influence-Black-Pink/dp/B00L13EOFW/ref=sr_1_9?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1410541400&sr=1-9&keywords=zumba+shoes

(not accepted for fundraisers)

Punch Card

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